(3463) 23-36-21

Nefteyugansk st. Surgut, 16.

For 20 years and currently is building in Nefteyugansk district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug

In developing projects in the production of works apply the latest advances in science and technology

The position steadily over the 20 years of labor for all main parameters: economic , organizational structure, staffing

Over the 20-year period built hundreds of kilometers of pipelines of various diameters from 114mm to 720mm

In 2013, constructed over 110 kilometers of pipelines

In 2014, constructed over 100 kilometers of pipelines

North hardening, professionalism, reliability and qualification of workers allowed to achieve good performance in the work

Areas of activity

  1. Construction, reconstruction and repair of pipelines and facilities that accompany them
  2. Reconstruction, repair and construction of buildings and facilities for production and other purposes
  3. Production of industrial and consumer goods
  4. Repair of equipment for the production facilities and the main pipeline transport
  5. Construction of pipelines